People in Cablart make the difference: highly qualified personnel is the base of the good manufacturing, from electrical cables to assembling, resin polymerization and thermo fuses. Historical personnel and the hiring of new profiles with solid technical skills together with the integration of new systems for control and measure are such to create and guarantee an high level service of Total Product Customization.

Cablart is closed to the Customer, since the project thought the product development and the final market release.

Cablart experienced since years solid Partnerships with the major Leader Companies of various industrial areas. Cablart has developed a large series of brand product in the most different markets, from the home and industrial appliance to sanitary system, from building to automotive and food industry.

Since 2008 the Company has developed an important projecting and manufacturing area of the temperature probes and thermo fuses carried out with a epoxidic bi-component system with high protection degree, such for the use in critical environment and/or extreme.

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